Alhamdulillah..One Step closer.

Alhamdulillah.. beberapa hari lali mendapatkan dua buah email bahagia. sebuah email dari seorang profesor di pulau yang sangat jauh.

isi email nya cukup membuat kalang kabut. mau senang, mau senang (lagi) dan mau senang (senang lagi #gaPenting)

isi email itu.


Dear Rahadian,
I have now had chance to review your grades and your research
proposal, and to talk to relevant staff here at Massey. We are happy
to accept you for the conjoint degree programme, so that you can come
here to Massey to complete the second year of your Masters degree
with us, subject to you getting a satisfactory English language score

A/Prof xxxxxxx, who is cc’d into this email, will be your supervisor. He is

unlikely to want you to do exactly the project that you described in
your proposal, but it will be related to that. Please get in contact
with him to discuss the particular options further.

You now need to do two things: (1) apply for your Indonesian
government scholarship, (2) apply formally to Massey University using
the form available at xxxxxxxx
You should put MSc in Computer Science (or, if you prefer, MInfSc in
Information Technology) down as your planned course.
Assuming that you get the scholarship and the necessary English score,
you will then need to apply for a New Zealand student visa before you
can arrive.

We look forward to welcoming you to Massey next year!



ini sebuah permulaan ┬ámasih banyak yang harus dipersiapkan, terutama bahasa inggris. katanya sih di sono pake EILTS dengan score 6.5 #wih…

sekarang waktunya berfokus, dan berdoa.

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