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add / delete static routing on mac mountain lion

sometimes we feel lazy to have to connect to wifi campus  or business office and connect the modem to a personal. and this happened to me today, because there are parts I need online, and also to collect duties through the campus network.

the solution is simple, unplug the modem and use the wifi (consequently can not browse internet quickly)

I finally decided to try out a friend’s new science by adding static routing on the macbook. so that the current routing towards my college with a manual, and the rest let the internet business.

ip address from the campus network

and i have connect to wifi and i get ip

dan i have connect to modem and i get dhcp IP

let’s cek route table with

{code}netstat -nr{/code}

route table


{code}sudo route -n add{/code}

and type your password

cek again route table with

{code}netstat -nr{/code}

after add route


to delete static route you can use

{code}sudo route -n delete{/code}

reference : man route and google